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I hope that my Magna Nails review is helpful. I love using the Magna Nails because I don’t have to spend a lot of money at the nail salon anymore.

I’m currently in school and my expenses always add up. I like to look for many different ways that I can save money.

Having my nails done makes me feel more professional and more presentable. Plus, the nail salon was a great way me to relax. However, going to the salon was not always cheap for me. At manicure and pedicure used to cost me about $40 each time that I would go. I would have liked to have gone twice a month, however I brought it down to only once a month.

Now, with the Magna Nails I can get the same great look and better at home. I don’t have to spend money on going to the salon anymore. I can create my own designs that I look like I went to the salon with the Magna Nail nail polish and magnets. The Magna Nails allow me to be creative and to have great looking nails.

Another thing that I like about doing my own nails is that I don’t have any issues with the salon. Sometimes when I would get my nails done at the salon I wouldn’t like the way that the people would do my nails. Or there were other times where they would actually hurt me. I’ve been cut a few times with the nail clippers. Now, at home I can always get the look that I want and I know that I won’t accidentally cut myself either.

Every time that I wear my Magna Nail polish someone asks me about it or gives me a compliment. The Magna Nail polish is really unique and gives a really different look. I love to get compliments on my nail polish.

I’ve actually seen another brand of nail polish at CVS and Wal-Mart that was similar to the Magna Nail polish. The nail polishes at CVS and Wal-mart only came with one bottle of polish and one magnet. There weren’t any particular colors that I liked that they were offering. Plus, that offer was $9.00 for one bottle of nail polish and magnet. I thought that was way too much to spend on one bottle of polish and for only one magnet. With that offer I wouldn’t have been able to have any creative flexibility. Plus, it was a lot of money for just one possible look.

What I really liked about the Magna Nail polish offer from the official website was the price. For eight Magna Nails nail polish and eight Magna Nails magnets I only had to pay $25. And that included shipping as well. So each set of nail polish and magnet (8) only cost me roughly $3.00 each. For the same sized bottle and magnet as Wal-Mart and CVS the value was much greater from the official website.

When I tell people that I did my nails myself they also get really surprised thinking that I have some sort of artistic talent. I love telling them all about Magna Nails because of how unique it is. Anyone can use the Magna Nails to get great looking nails. I recommend Magna Nails to everyone because it is great affordable nail polish that can everyone a unique look.

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